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  Our Oxen

We travel all over the peninsula personally selecting the best oxen we can find, then we take them to our installations where for their last days we treat them so that they live in an optimum and relaxed manner, taking care that they are well fed and healthy at all times.

Our oxen are divided into two age-based groups:

5 – 7 year-old oxen: We do not slaughter oxen under the age of 5, in Amaren we are of the opinion that 5 years is the minimum age for the meat to develop the properties that will make it a unique product, rare and exceptional in quality.

Oxen more than 8 years old: Once over the age of 8, two factors come together that will enable us to enjoy one of the best types of meat in the world; the size of the ox exceeds 1000 kg and the animal produces meat with properties that make it unique, therefore all our animals are over 8 years of age.

A defining factor is the type of animal chosen, from the wide range available we especially prefer Morucha, Barrendo and Charolaise breeds.

Meat maturation: Our strips of Chops mature ranging from 35 days to extremes exceeding 600 days, during which we ensure they are hung in an atmosphere where the humidity and temperature are selected so as to ensure correct ageing until they are ready for consumption, from which moment the meat is taken to our restaurant. In this process there is an evaporation of humidity in the meat. The muscle gradually becomes tender meat, with excellent texture.