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At Amaren we work exhaustively on the breeding and selection of animals to bring to our champion grill the best specimens of the peninsula, we are currently proud to hold the record for the largest ox and cow in history, to reach these magnificent specimens has meant many attempts along the way that have resulted in animals of exceptional quality that have been overcoming small local records:

Galician Goliath breed steer

Ox Goliat 1266 kg carcass Raza Gallega slaughtered in 2020 WITH THIS EXEMPLARY WE HAVE THE CURRENT WEIGHT RECORD OF SPAIN BEFORE A NOTARY.

Cow of Rubia Marela breed

Cow 1.748 kg in live weight Rubia Marela breed slaughtered in the year 2021 WITH THIS EXEMPLARY WE HAVE THE RECORD IN LIVE WEIGHT FOR A COW BEFORE NOTARY.

Charolais Handi cow

Handi cow 1.475 kg live and 991 kg carcass Charolais breed slaughtered in 2020 (Record live weight for cow and second heaviest cow carcass)

Charolais Twauson steers

Twauson steer 1186 kg carcass Charolais breed (FOURTH BIGGEST BEEF IN HISTORY YEAR 2020)

Blonda Tyson breed steer

Tyson ox 871 kg carcass Blonda Breed (Record slaughterhouse Miranda de ebro year 2020)

Chinero Chabolas breed steer

Ox Chabolas and ox Chinero +3.700 kg live (The biggest couple of oxen in galicia year 2019)

Asturian breed ox Marino

Buey Marino 1098 kg carcass Asturian breed (Record slaughterhouse of Urkaiko year 2018)

Paxi Asturian breed steer

Buey Paxi 1001 kg carcass Asturian breed (Record slaughterhouse in Llodio 2017)

Beltza Friesian breed steer

Buey Beltza 918 kg carcass Friesian breed (Llodio Slaughterhouse Record 2017)

Friesian breed steer

Buey Pinto 903 kg carcass Friesian breed (Record Slaughterhouse of Llodio 2017)

Best Grill 2019

Best Grillman 2019, tenth session of the longest-running competition at San Sebastian Gastronomika